2410, 2015

Infographic: How To Select Licensing Model

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Labs64 NetLicensing allows you to monetize your products by licensing them to companies or individuals.

There are several options to choose when it refers to licensing, it’s very important to know what licensing models fit better your needs.

This infographic will lead you to make the right decision.

Download this infographic as PDF – hi-res (29MB) – lo-res (3MB)

109, 2015

Labs64 NetLicensing is going FREE!

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Labs64 NetLicensing online licensing management service is taking a huge step forward in making it easy for vendors to sign up with their licensing management service.
Today, we are announcing a new availability model – NetLicensing is going FREE!

We are making our basic licensing management software available to everyone, completely free of charge and without any restrictions on the number of transactions or the size of the vendor.

This isn’t a limited-time promotion. This is a permanent change to the way NetLicensing works.

1808, 2015

Internet of Things – Part III

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In our last article we briefly looked at the question of how the ‘Internet of Things’ could be set to drastically change the world of licensing. Until now most of us have been familiar with the process of licensing software; and how that model is changing. Significantly, in the past 2 years there has been a noticeable shift away from ‘one-off’ license payments to a ‘subscription’ model. This has made it more affordable for many customers, as it has also seen a shift in the way that the software is distributed. Rather than having annual releases with a two-tiered price model (Upgrade or Buy) with a large amount of software you now pay a fixed monthly fee and receive all updates for as long as you continue to pay the fee.

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This is a licensing model that looks set to catch on in the world where ‘The Internet of Things’ has become a reality. With the notion of ownership being given less gravitas than before, and with consumers happy to ‘rent’ items for as long as they desire.

708, 2015

Internet of Things – Part II

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In our last article we looked at how the internet has become an integral part of our lives, rather than simply being a resource where we find information and a tool that we use to communicate. It is now at the centre of our lives. We are reliant upon it to carry out everyday tasks and for our numerous devices to work properly.

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The internet is also being used in other, less obvious ways. Corporate security systems; CCTV, alarms and secure door systems – all use the internet and TCP/IP protocols to function. There has also been a sharp increase in the number of users of online back-up solutions; often referred to as cloud back-ups because of their integration with other cloud computing technology that has seen a significant amount of the day-to-day office productivity move into being a completely online experience.

The next logical step for the ‘Internet of Things’ is world where things are increasing ‘borrowed’ or rather ‘leased’ rather than ‘bought’. Until very recently we liked to ‘own’ things. This often meant that we would have fewer things because it was cost more to buy them. The trend now is towards paying smaller recurring fee on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis but never actually having outright ownership of something.

2107, 2015

Internet of Things – Part I

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It’s a little over thirty years since the first internet domain name was registered, and although a lot has happened to the internet since then. It is still a fairly young technology. It is in this short time that the internet has become a central part of our lives.

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The most comparable innovation to the internet would be that

2306, 2015

Labs64 NetLicensing 2.2 is Out!

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Today we’re excited to finally announce the availability of the Labs64 NetLicensing version 2.2.

You’re very welcome to give it a try, and share your feedback with us!

Release highlights:

  • New “Floating” Licensing Model offers vendors another dimension of licensing flexibility for their products
  • With Labs64 NetLicensing demo virtual appliance, our partners and resellers get hands-on access to the service for local / offline deployment demonstration – get in contact with us for more info
  • Java client library reworked and covers entire NetLicensing API
  • NetLicensing Manage UI improved for even better usability and user experience (UX)
  • … and many other useful improvements!

Please see the Release Notes for complete list of changes and new features.