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QR Codes are a compact and concise way to store and present data in a way that can easily be read by a mobile device scanner. However, they all look very similar and are not that attractive to look at. The only way for people to be aware of which brand or product the code is associated with is to look at what surrounds it; i.e. other recognisable company logos. Whilst they are used to lead consumers to new and exciting content, this is not always evident from the code itself. Which is actually quite boring in appearance.

The theory behind codeMan is that it makes the QR Code itself interesting and recognisable. Whilst each QR Code follows the basic design and function, every codeMan is unique. This gives you as a business owner the potential to share your unique codeMan virtually anywhere – as long as it is a surface which can be printed on.

The genius behind codeMan comes from the fact that it bridges the gap between the online content which you have made available, and the offline world which your customers inhabit.

For example; say you own a coffee shop but have a fantastic website through which you advertise and offer the other products and service which you have available – if you print the codeMan on your coffee cups then every time a customer purchases a drink they will also be given an easy and interesting link to your online content.

This way you will have successfully linked your online and offline products and have given yourself an attractive new way of advertising your company.

codeMan by Labs64/grinia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.