Expand your business – team up with the innovator in software licensing solutions

With Labs64 NetLicensing, you can provide your customers with a comprehensive solution for application licensing and help them embrace new innovative trends like mobile platforms or virtualization, without compromising security or established business models.


Labs64 NetLicensing Whitepaper

This whitepaper gives an overview of the Labs64 NetLicensing solution and how it supports enterprise-grade license management for businesses of any size.

Labs64 works with industry-leading system integrators to offer complete application modernization and LaaS solutions enabling to enterprises and independent software vendors (ISV). Establishing a relationship with Labs64 is the best and fastest way to build your company’s reputation as an innovator in IT sector.

One of the Labs64 success cornerstones is that we are keen to build the lucrative, “win-win” partnerships. A strategic partnership with Labs64 will help your business to:

  • Better serve customers with licensing needs for sensitive high-value applications
  • Widen portfolio with stronger and broader application licensing capabilities
  • Drive additional revenue by selling more application licensing products and services

Take advantage of partnership opportunities variety for dynamic organizations like yours:


Strengthen your products and technologies by integrating with Labs64 NetLicensing.


Offer solutions and services based on Labs64 NetLicensing technology to your clients.


Sell Labs64 NetLicensing to customers as is or as part of your own solutions.


Discover new use opportunities for Labs64 NetLicensing, generate leads, and earn commission.

How to partner with Labs64?

Contact Labs64 right away using the form below, or via email, and we will find a partnership model that suits best both parties.