Customised Software Development

We provide our customers with expert advice and support, all the way from the initial concept to the implementation. Thanks to our huge IT experience, we are able to support processes and design solutions which are a perfect fit for our customer's requirements.

Website Maintenance

You need a website for your business and you even know how it should look like? You already have a website but it needs some updating and you don't want to take care of hosting, HTML, CSS and other technical details? Our experts make sure that you will have nothing to worry about. We have experience in a broad range of web technologies, ensuring that your website is reliable and always online.

Backup & Restore

It is easy to find a whole bunch of professional backup solutions for almost every IT platform. When it comes to backups of a system that is already in place, however, individual solutions are quite often necessary. Not only do our experts understand how backup software works, they are also able to develop the perfect backup strategy for your servers, operating systems, databases and applications. Moreover, many network appliances that are not supported by standardised backup software can be included in your solution, too.

Payment Integration & Gateway

Are you about to open your own online business? Do you want to attract more customers to an existing store by adding more payment methods? By developing in-house NetLicensing solutions, we integrate the payment services into an online shop. Labs64 has built expertise in PSP integration, most importantly PayPal. We help you to integrate PayPal on different levels, ranging from simple HTML buttons to a secure PayPal API.

We are looking forward to hearing from you

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