Alexey Averikhin
Alexey AverikhinBusiness Development, Marketing and Partners
Alexey has an extensive background in IT including experience as a programmer, an architect, and a project manager. He studied technology process automation at the Krasnoyarsk Academy Of Nonferrous Metals And Gold, Russia, and gained experience in several major corporations. In his spare free time, Alexey is learning Italian and teaching his son Mac OS X. Va bene!
Konstantin Korotkov
Konstantin KorotkovBusiness Strategy, R&D
Konstantin is an engineering pro, originally from Belarus. After graduating from Belarussian State University, where he studied radiophysics, Konstantin moved to Germany. He worked since then at Infineon/Qimonda as a test engineer, later the company sent him to the USA, where he worked for two years as a senior expert. Having collected plenty of experience in world-wide distributed multicultural teams, big projects and production environments, after returning back to Germany he decided to begin an own entrepreneurial activity, and started a new project as an external project lead at Siemens. After Alexey joined him in this project, they founded their own company – Labs64 GmbH. Now Konstantin captains the Labs64 engineering flagship. When he is not on the captain’s bridge, you can find him in mountains.
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